YELLOWSTONE REVEALED . . . . August 10-12 at Madison Junction in YNP, Sunrise-Sunset Daily

Last year, Mountain Time Arts (MTA) in partnership with Yellowstone National Park initiated YELLOWSTONE REVEALED, an immersive cultural and art exhibition within YNP in celebration of regional tribal nations.

This year, MTA is pleased to present a multi-faceted evolution of the All Nations Teepee Village from artists Sean Chandler (Aaniiih) and Ben Pease (Apsáalooke/Tsétsêhéstâhes). This interactive self-guided experience will combine art and storytelling, taking visitors on a thought-provoking narrative journey about our shared past, present and future of teepee lodges sited where the Gibbon River joins the Firehole River to form the Madison River. The two artists’ contemporary artworks are installed in relationship and visual proximity to the traditional teepees on view at Yellowstone’s Madison Junction. The contemporary art installations put forward Indigenous truths and perspectives.

SEAN CHANDLER presents “WHEN WE USED TO BE.” Chandler’s project involves eleven contemporary teepees that feature teepee liners that have the artist’s original paintings. The teepee liners will portray historical Indigenous events and contemporary narratives. Chandler’s eleven teepees take the audience on a narrative journey.

BEN PEASE presents “AMMACHHÍIA: JOURNEY THROUGH TIME AND CULTURE.” Pease’s project invites visitors to a sensory and immersive exploration of Indigenous narratives and experiences. The installation reimagines the landscape with five distinct teepee lodges featuring use of modern materials like Tyvec & PVC, as well as portraits on canvas, and a uniquely transparent teepee utilizing screen mesh. “Ammachhíia” emphasizes the enduring presence of tribal nations within the Yellowstone area.

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